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Dirty Vaccines: Human Allergies And Systemic Disorders On The Rise Due To Corrupted Inoculations

by S.D. Wells

We start off this corruption by uncovering the top 7 ingredients in vaccines that cause severe allergies in children, and if you don’t recognize these allergies from children all across the United States, then you can stop reading this article.


Peanut allergies barely existed in America before vaccines, now they’re so extreme for some kids you can’t even open a jar of peanut butter across the room without them going into convulsions or a seizure. Severe peanut allergies have been on the rise for three decades, coinciding with the CDC tripling the number of vaccines children get before age 7.

Not a coincidence.

Many of today’s vaccines are prepared in peanut oil and it is “non-disclosed” even though the allergen is still present. That is a scientific fact.

Next on the chopping block: Monosodium Glutamate.

Yes, the concentrated salt causes severe dehydration almost instantly, leading to intolerable migraine headaches. Many Americans are severely allergic to MSG, and will vomit repeatedly, have dizzy spells, hallucinations, impaired vision, and severe migraines.

MSG is so concentrated it kills wild pigs and can also kill a human baby. In fact, MSG becomes a neurotoxin when injected, and is used frequently in today’s vaccines as a preservative, just like the next item up for bid, mercury.

Mercury Is Earth’s Most Deadly Non-Radioactive Heavy Metal, And NO AMOUNT Is Safe For Injecting Into Humans

Mercury passes through the blood-brain barrier after injection (think all multi-dose flu shots here) thanks to helping from aluminum, which is also found in the same vaccines for that purpose.

Yes, it’s insidious, because there are plenty of other preservatives the vaccine industry could use instead of mercury, but it’s all about population control and reduction, not safety or efficacy, as they always claim.

All humans are severely allergic to thimerosal (50 percent mercury content) injections and react accordingly. The human immune system is violently shocked into action by these devilish concoctions called inoculations.

Many of today’s vaccines are brewed and stewed in casein, a form of dairy. It’s like one big satanic ritual that’s funded by Big Pharma and the CDC.

Most people who are lactose intolerant don’t even think about this when they get vaccines, and the doctors and nurses surely never read the vaccine insert, nor tell the patient they should. It’s all a big secret and there’s nobody to sue when your children get damaged, even permanently.

Lots of kids are allergic to gelatin, which is all the non-meat parts of the animals most Americans eat, including cartilage, tendons, eyes, feet, hides, and hooves. It’s all reduced (boiled down) into that gel-like substance, and then used as candy and as a vaccine ingredient, just to make vaccines even dirtier.

Severe Childhood Allergies On The Rise Thanks To Dirty Vaccines

Are you allergic to artificial sweeteners? Do they give you IBS, headaches, or make you feel nervous? They’re used in vaccines, you should know.

Sorbitol is used as a softening agent and sometimes as a preservative. No safety tests have ever been run regarding injecting sorbitol into muscle tissue. The CDC couldn’t care less.

Got egg allergies?

Vaccines are prepared in eggs that contain artificial hormones and antibiotics given to the hens to fatten them up for slaughter. Oops. Wondering why all these kids are turning gender fluid? Check those witchcraft inoculations. We don’t even have time to get into the embalming fluid in vaccines (formaldehyde).

Allergic to injecting human albumin?

Would you get a blood transfusion from complete strangers? You do it every time you get vaccinated with a jab that contains human albumin.

In the US, the hepatitis B vaccine is given to a child on the day of birth, often weakening his immune system for years to come. All pediatricians know this, but can’t say a word or have their medical license suspended or revoked.

Here is a description from a very disturbing vaccine injury post we found on a comment board. The person described schizophrenic symptoms the very next day after getting the DTP vaccine and said they were hospitalized and put on an antipsychotic drug. Go figure.

Today’s vaccines are very far from safe and efficacious. They are dirty and dangerous. Today’s vaccines, including the Covid series, are biological warfare on humans. Beware!

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