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Nolte: Joe Biden Rewinds America to Bad Old Days of Terror, High Gas Prices, Border Swarms

JOHN NOLTE 24 Mar 2021

That didn’t take long. How long has His Fraudulency been in office? About eight seconds? And already gas prices are exploding, the southern border is in a five-alarm crisis, and after a four-year break, we have what looks like an act of domestic Islamic terrorism that might have been ISIS-inspired.

All this on top of once again having to worry about our taxes going up and the government confiscating our guns.

Welcome to a return to the horrible and failed Obama years!

Hey, but at least all those mean Trump tweets have stopped.

Oh, and I almost forgot one… The utterly incompetent FBI has returned. After four years of being utterly corrupt in its coup attempt against a lawfully elected president, the FBI apparently let the Boulder shooter slip through its fat, greasy fingers; probably because the FBI was too busy hunting down Americans who don’t believe (and not without reason) His Fraudulency won the 2020 presidential election legally.

Remember how good life was fewer than 100 days ago…?

By opening everything up to where America became an energy exporter, Trump had steadied gas prices in ways we have not seen in years.

Between his border wall, a strong and believable message of You will be deported, and the genius of the Remain in Mexico policy, Trump had nearly solved our problems along the southern border.

But what did His Fraudulency do? He didn’t try to fix what was not broken… No, he stumbled into the office and deliberately broke what had been fixed. So now we have returned to chaos on the border, and not just chaos, but chaos in the time of the China Flu. Biden is locking down Americans while he allows illegals infected with the coronavirus to run free throughout our country.

It looks as though we are finally coming out of the coronavirus pandemic, and this bumbling-stumbling moron is flooding the country with COVID-19 infection like he’s Andrew Cuomo and America is a nursing home.

Gee, do you think that was deliberate? Do you think a Democrat president deliberately broke things that had been fixed to deliberately cause a number of crises?

You’re goddamned right Biden and the Democrat Party did this on purpose.

Instead of seeing an increase in energy prices for what they are: a brutal tax on the poor and working-class, Democrats see outrageously high energy prices as a way to dissuade people from using too much energy. This is because the anti-science Luddites in the Democrat Party believe in the Climate/Change Global Warming hoax.

Same with flooding our country with illegal aliens.

There are all kinds of mercenary reasons as to why Biden broke that fixed problem: 1) his big business cronies love the cheap labor, 2) Democrats believe all these illegals will overwhelmingly vote Democrat, 3) the longer the coronavirus remains a “crisis,” the longer Democrats can control us and keep us demoralized in masks and lockdowns, 4) these lockdowns are a boon big business, most especially big online business, while the small business-owners (who mostly vote Republican) are wiped out, and finally 5) the coronavirus disproportionately kill the elderly who Democrats see as Republican voters who drain tax dollars away from their centrally-planned Utopian schemes.

It’s going to get worse, y’all… A lot worse. Most especially in these awful Democrat-run cities where almost all the hate crimes, gun violence, riots, domestic terrorism, violent crime, racism, and race hoaxes occur.

Out here in Rural America where we MAGAtards live, life will be as it’s always been: serene, safe, tolerant, and peaceful in a land where the air and water are always clean.

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