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TRUTH in science is no longer allowed and children are suffering because of it

Tuesday, March 09, 2021 by: Lance D Johnson

(Natural News) The top-down, controlled and calculated dissemination of information over the past year reveals much about the underlying multinational agendas operating behind the face of a pandemic. People of great influence and power have exploited human sickness, using science as a tool to oppress. Truth in science is no longer allowed in the world of the plandemic. For instance, Swedish professor Jonas Ludvigsson has been relentlessly attacked for studying the effect of covid-19 on children. His studies, published in the British Medical Journal, show that schoolchildren can interact freely and without masks in fully open schools because covid-19 poses a minor risk to children.

Authoritarians have adamantly used hospitalization rates and fraudulent PCR tests to seize control over society, economic activity and human freedom. This control has led to widespread abuse and medical fraud. Contrived data is weaponized to coerce compliance to medical edicts and to enforce false imprisonment. Real data that dispels the fear-and-control narrative is censored from internet channels, distorted by the mainstream media and forbidden from scientific research and publication. The control and possession of science and the weaponization of data has turned entire populations into easily-controlled victims, as mental illiteracy, paranoia, hypochondria and irrational thinking multiply.

Data shows mask-less children can interact freely in open schools, with minimal risk

Swedish professor Jonas Ludvigsson has been relentlessly attacked for studying the effect of covid-19 on children. He is a clinical epidemiologist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. He studied the effect of covid-19 on children ages 1 through 16 in the spring of 2020. His research shows that covid-19 does not pose a threat to schoolchildren. The truth of the science shows that children can live through the infection, unmasked, with no quarantines, in fully opened schools. These findings have been attacked, leading the embattled professor to shut down any future studies. Children rarely suffer from the infection and move forward with newfound immunity, similar to other viruses. This is a key mechanism in the survival of humans.

Only 15 children were admitted to the ICU during the study and that included children suffering from the multi-system inflammatory syndrome, which may or may not have been connected to covid-19. Even after including other health issues, the ICU rate for schoolchildren was a mere .77 per 100,000. These children were not wearing masks during the study either and were not forced to practice social distancing.

Teachers need not worry, either. In the Swedish study, about 19 per 100,000 teachers ended up in the ICU during the same period. With the availability of convalescent plasma, viable treatments, and underutilized immune-boosting antivirals, herbs, minerals, and nutrients, teachers and students should feel free to face their environment. Teacher’s unions don’t want to hear the truth, but it’s time to stop abusing children out of fear and politically-motivated agendas. (Related: Big Tech covid-19 censorship is endangering the population.)

Children being wrongfully blamed, controlled and abused by deceitful scientific agendas

Practically speaking, the transmission of active infection to another person is untraceable and based on assumptions, especially when symptoms are delayed. The transmission blame-game is an impractical and unsustainable way to handle an infectious disease that is endemic and poses little harm to children. It is quite pointless to disrupt people’s livelihoods and put them in a constantly controlled and stressful state for an infection that is only mild and fleeting. Regardless, schoolchildren have been put through an obstacle course of medical edicts, including intermittent school quarantines, mental illness-inducing social isolation rules, and indefinite masking protocols. This Swedish study shows that these measures are a waste of time. Schools should operate normally, and infection in children should be handled like any other coronavirus infection of the past.

The President of the Karolinska Institute, Ole Petter Ottersen, has been an eye-witness to the worldwide attacks on this freedom-friendly research. He told the British Medical Journal “that education and research must be protected to enable people to freely discover, research and share knowledge.” Sweden is currently trying to preserve academic freedom by passing new laws that protect the scientific process and the freedom to publish scientific studies that are contrary to the current narrative and controlling multinational agendas.

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