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Joe Manchin pressures Biden to reverse Keystone Pipeline decision

FEB. 9, 2021 2:56 PM BY THE RIGHT SCOOP • 152 COMMENTS The one Senator who will likely give Chuck Schumer the biggest headache just sent a letter to Joe Biden, pressuring him to reverse his Keystone Pipeline decision: DC EXAMINER – Joe Manchin, the most centrist Democrat in a split Senate, is calling on President Biden to reconsider his decision to cancel a permit for the Keystone XL oil pipeline.
Manchin, the chairman of the powerful Energy and Natural Resources Committee, asked Biden in a letter on Tuesday that was shared with the Washington Examiner to consider what rejecting the pipeline means for safety, jobs, and energy security.
Biden’s decision, part of a day-one climate change executive order, has drawn backlash from union leaders who endorsed him and some centrist Democrats who say the cancellation will kill thousands of construction jobs.
The Biden administration is facing questions from these traditional allies on how its clean energy and infrastructure spending agenda will create new jobs that can replace lost work in the fossil fuel industry.
Manchin, who represents fossil fuel-intensive West Virginia, has been among the Democrats who have criticized Biden’s move to cancel the 2,000-mile Keystone XL pipeline that would have run from Alberta in western Canada to Texas.
But by going directly to Biden and calling for him to reverse the decision, Manchin is going a step further. Only a Democratic president could cancel 11 thousand jobs with the stroke of a pen, during a pandemic where jobs are DESPERATELY needed, and the media collectively yawns at the scandal. Biden’s even getting pushback from his “traditional allies” and the media still could care less. That said, I am glad that Manchin is pushing back on Biden to undo this terrible decision. I’m under no illusions that Biden will concede here, but it’s good to see a Democrat actually standing up for jobs, even if he’s really just standing up for his job. But hey, that’s how it works. Manchin knows he’s going to be a huge target in 2024 by Democrats fed up with his ‘moderate-ism’. He’s got to act like he’s from a red state if he wants to keep getting elected. HELP US FIGHT THE LEFT AND KEEP OUR CONSERVATIVE MESSAGE ALIVE

Joe Manchin pressures Biden to reverse Keystone Pipeline decision
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